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One Year ago


A year ago (can you believe it?) I catched a plane and flew to Auckland / New Zealand like so many Backpackers do these days! The world became much smaller for me, since I made this experience and jet New Zealand it quiet far away for me today. This morning I woke up and it was snowing in Cassel and I was wondering what that means…after three summers in a row it’s gonna be a very cold winter for me here in Germany for sure! Life was easy and peaseful at the other side of the world. Here my head is full of news about the neverending European Crisis, military conflicts in the Far East and the waves of refugees that Germany experiences right now. I feel overwhelmed sometimes, although I am just reading and trying to keep up-to-date. Applying for work is also difficult and grueling and often I wish to take it all a little easier – just like the KIWIS. NO WORRIES…that’s what they would say. I miss blogging too, so I will try to convert this Blog from a New Zealand Travel Blog to a more general Travel Blog or start a new one. I will let you know. Already have some stories about the cities Cologne, Gießen and Cassel in the holding stack.

Cheers and please share your stories and thoughts from the road with me!


Devenport Hills and Tunnels

We are working on our Auckland-Must-Do-List. First thing I did with Barbara was Devenport Hills and Tunnels. We took a ferry from downtown harbor (6 $ one way) and had a great day. It’s like a nice little village over there with shops, cafés, old trees and even a little theater that we checked out. You can walk down the waterfront and will end up at the hill for a nice short walk. The hill was formerly used by the military and you can enter some of the tunnels, but the best you will discover there is the view. In the evening I went up to Mount Eden again, just to see Auckland in the dark.

Old Tree in Devonport

Devenport Hügel und Tunnel

Wir werden in den nächsten Tagen sicher einige Orte erkunden, die uns gestern in der Bar empfohlen wurden. Tatsächlich sind wir bereits mit der Fähre nach Devonport gefahren, um dort den North Head Hügel und die Tunnel zu erkunden. Das Gelände wurde ehemals vom Militär genutzt und man hat einen tollen Ausblick auf Auckland und die Küste. Auch Devenport ist sehr gemütlich mit der Promenade und einigen urigen Bars und Cafés und sogar einem kleinen Theater, welches jetzt als Kino genutzt wird. Abends war ich auf dem Mount Eden, um Auckland auch mal bei Nacht zu sehen. Fazit des Tages: empfehlenswert für Leute die mehrere Tage in Auckland verbringen.

View from North Head Devonport