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What’s it all about? How was it? And how the hell did you organized it all?

I know you are locking for an ultimate HOW TO DO IT – LIST. There is no such thing available. You gonna need to come up with your own thoughts and a positive workflow to make it happen. Start your own To-Do-List today.  Believe me: it is not as difficult as you think it might be and it is not as easy as you think it might be eigther. That’s what I learned on my Work & Travel trips in Canada and New Zealand. I will try to summarize important things and helpful hints in the next few weeks.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

– no, I would say you don’t need an organization (unless you are really really really shy)

– no, nobody checked my bank account balance at the airport, but you should have about 2500 Euros on your account anyway for the first few weeks

– yes, you need a print copy of your e-visa

– yes, it’s quiet easy to open up a bank account in New Zealand (I was a client with ASB)

– yes, it’s very easy to apply for a social security number (just go to one of the post shops with your passport and use your hostel address as a first address) / it takes about two weeks, but you don’t really need to wait for the letter / just start traveling and call the office later on)

– yes, you need a travel insurance (I used the ERV Europaeische Reiseversicherung)

– yes, helpx is nice to find farms and stuff

– What’s the best adress to find a job? Well, here it is:

– What’s the best adress to find hostel stuff vacancies? I used the BBH webside a lot!

– yes, it can take some time to find a job / realace / take it easy – You will find something!!!

– New Zealand has a Minimum Wage (currently 14,75$) / Stay strong and ask for your right, if an employer tries to trick you and pay you less! They can loose there license, if you report them!

– yes, it is very easy to buy / sell a car in New Zealand (there is a good Car Fair on Sunday morning in Auckland)

– yes, New Zealand is quiet expensive

– yes, there are hundreds of backpackers

– yes, New Zealand is pretty save

– yes, you might need a clearance certificate, if you want to work with children

– buy your outdoor stuff in Germany or your home country – much cheaper

Why New Zealand?

Good question. I was looking for an english speaking country far away from Germany. A country where I, as a woman, would feel save traveling alone. I have traveled to Canada already and it was very easy to get the work & travel visa for New Zealand. Besides everybody is dreaming about New Zealand, right? Breathtaking nature and good spirit…that is what I had in mind, when I booked the flight and guess what: it is true. You can find all that in NZ indeed.

Gute Frage. Ich wollte gerne in ein englischsprachiges Land reisen, dass fernab von Deutschland ist und in dem ich mich, als allein reisende junge Frau, sicher fühlen würde. In Kanada war ich bereits und das Work & Travel Visa für NZ kann man wirklich sehr unkompliziert beantragen. Das dauert keine 10 Minuten. Außerdem hat doch jeder schon man von NZ geträumt, oder? Man denkt an atemberaubende Natur und lebensfrohe Menschen und man stelle sich vor: es ist wirklich so.

What for?

There are always reasons, if someone travels to the other side of the world. Here is a short list of what I hope to learn/experience/do while being abroad in New Zealand. I will need help for sure, so feel free to write me, if you can help me make this or that happen or if you have another idea that I should think about – Thank you!

I hope to (not in order of priority and to be continued):

  • spend time outdoors
  • meet a lot of people and find new friends
  • travel around
  • do couch surfing
  • learn more about the Maori
  • live in an appartment with ocean view (house sitting would be great)
  • join a “real” Halloween Party
  • volunteer (favored for Theater Festivals)
  • try out snoring
  • learn how to surf (maybe)
  • accompany fishermen
  • whatch wales
  • survive left-hand driving
  • do a Hula Hoop workshop
  • join a Busker for a street performance (maybe)
  • relax on a campfire
  • hike a lot
  • try out different jobs
  • wirte a book about all this next year (maybe)

It may sound silly for you. Never mind!


Ich würde gerne (nicht nach Priorität aufgeschriebene und unvollendete Liste):

  • ganz viel Zeit in der natur verbringen
  • viele Leute treffen und neue Freunde finden
  • viel herum reisen
  • couch surfing
  • mehr über die Kultur der Maori lernen
  • in einem Haus mit Meerblick wohnen
  • zu einer “richtigen” Halloweenparty” gehen
  • Freiwilligenarbeit (gerne für Theaterfestivals)
  • Schnorcheln ausprobieren
  • vielleicht surfen lernen
  • einen Hula-Hoop-Workshop belegen
  • mit einem Busker (Straßenkünstler) einen kleinen Auftritt meistern
  • am Lagerfeuer entspannen
  • viel wandern
  • verschiedene Jobs ausprobieren
  • am Ende ein Buch über meine Erfahrungen schreiben (vielleicht)

Mag in den Augen mancher Leser/innen albern klingen. Macht nichts!

Frei nach dem Motto: Besser scheitern, als nichts wagen!


You wanna know how it was to live in a hostel for a few month? Funny and exhausting at the same time. Here comes a collection of pictures – Live from the hostel room! Smile!

Oaklands Lodge in Auckland

Really nice hostel next to Mount Eden! Loved it!

Oaklands Lodge / My room for two weeks. I will never forget the guy from GB, who was snoring like a saw.
Hostel in Whangarei
Hostel room in Whangarei

My absolute favorite Hostel!

The Mousetrap Hostel in Paihia
The Mousetrap Hostel in Paihia
Living Room Mousetrap Hostel
Living Room in The Mousetrap Hostel
Hostel in Palmerston North (only ok, if you ask me)
Fat Cod Backpackers in Picton
The great Noah’s Ark Backpackers in Greymouth

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