Backpacking New Zealand


Answers to frequently asked questions:

– no, I would say you don’t need an organization (unless you are really really really shy)

– no, nobody checked my bank account balance at the airport, but you should have about 2500 Euros on your account anyway for the first few weeks

– yes, you need a print copy of your e-visa

– yes, it’s quiet easy to open up a bank account in New Zealand (I was a client with ASB)

– yes, it’s very easy to apply for a social security number (just go to one of the post shops with your passport and use your hostel address as a first address) / it takes about two weeks, but you don’t really need to wait for the letter / just start traveling and call the office later on)

yes, you need a travel insurance (I used the ERV Europaeische Reiseversicherung)

– yes, helpx is nice to find farms and stuff

– What’s the best adress to find a job? Well, here it is:

What’s the best adress to find hostel stuff vacancies? I used the BBH webside a lot!

– yes, it can take some time to find a job / chill / take it easy – You will find something!!!

– New Zealand has a Minimum Wage (currently 14,75$) / Stay strong and ask for your right, if an employer tries to trick you and pay you less! They can loose there license, if you report them!

– yes, it is very easy to buy / sell a car in New Zealand (there is a good Car Fair in Auckland on Sunday morning that is called Ellerslie Car Fair)

– yes, there is good public transport available in NZ / I brought a 45 hours pass for the Inter City Bus and it worked out great

– yes, New Zealand is quiet expensive / you will spent a lot of money

– yes, there are hundreds of (German) backpackers

– yes, New Zealand is pretty save

– yes, you might need a clearance certificate, if you want to work with childre

– buy your outdoor stuff in Germany or your home country – much cheaper

Find out more about how to organize your New Zealand adventure on the Work & Travel page of my Blog! Any question that I have not answered jet? Go ahead and write me a message!

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