Rugby World Cup 2015

And the winner is: New Zealand!!! The All Blacks deserve it AGAIN! Congratulations from a German Girl, who don’t really understands the rules of this game! Althrough my mentor Chris really tried to explain me rugby while we where working in the kitchen of the best restaurant on Stewart Island! Miss those days tonight.

Cheers Corinna

Backpacking New Zealand


Answers to frequently asked questions:

– no, I would say you don’t need an organization (unless you are really really really shy)

– no, nobody checked my bank account balance at the airport, but you should have about 2500 Euros on your account anyway for the first few weeks

– yes, you need a print copy of your e-visa

– yes, it’s quiet easy to open up a bank account in New Zealand (I was a client with ASB)

– yes, it’s very easy to apply for a social security number (just go to one of the post shops with your passport and use your hostel address as a first address) / it takes about two weeks, but you don’t really need to wait for the letter / just start traveling and call the office later on)

yes, you need a travel insurance (I used the ERV Europaeische Reiseversicherung)

– yes, helpx is nice to find farms and stuff

– What’s the best adress to find a job? Well, here it is:

What’s the best adress to find hostel stuff vacancies? I used the BBH webside a lot!

– yes, it can take some time to find a job / chill / take it easy – You will find something!!!

– New Zealand has a Minimum Wage (currently 14,75$) / Stay strong and ask for your right, if an employer tries to trick you and pay you less! They can loose there license, if you report them!

– yes, it is very easy to buy / sell a car in New Zealand (there is a good Car Fair in Auckland on Sunday morning that is called Ellerslie Car Fair)

– yes, there is good public transport available in NZ / I brought a 45 hours pass for the Inter City Bus and it worked out great

– yes, New Zealand is quiet expensive / you will spent a lot of money

– yes, there are hundreds of (German) backpackers

– yes, New Zealand is pretty save

– yes, you might need a clearance certificate, if you want to work with childre

– buy your outdoor stuff in Germany or your home country – much cheaper

Find out more about how to organize your New Zealand adventure on the Work & Travel page of my Blog! Any question that I have not answered jet? Go ahead and write me a message!

One Year ago


A year ago (can you believe it?) I catched a plane and flew to Auckland / New Zealand like so many Backpackers do these days! The world became much smaller for me, since I made this experience and jet New Zealand it quiet far away for me today. This morning I woke up and it was snowing in Cassel and I was wondering what that means…after three summers in a row it’s gonna be a very cold winter for me here in Germany for sure! Life was easy and peaseful at the other side of the world. Here my head is full of news about the neverending European Crisis, military conflicts in the Far East and the waves of refugees that Germany experiences right now. I feel overwhelmed sometimes, although I am just reading and trying to keep up-to-date. Applying for work is also difficult and grueling and often I wish to take it all a little easier – just like the KIWIS. NO WORRIES…that’s what they would say. I miss blogging too, so I will try to convert this Blog from a New Zealand Travel Blog to a more general Travel Blog or start a new one. I will let you know. Already have some stories about the cities Cologne, Gießen and Cassel in the holding stack.

Cheers and please share your stories and thoughts from the road with me!